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Our director of fabrication, Michael Tennyson, working with our OMAX Maxiem 1530 waterjet.

CNC Machinery 101: What Is a Waterjet?

Since it’s almost been a year since we expanded our fabrication department by purchasing our OMAX Maxiem 1530 waterjet, we figured it was about time for a formal introduction. So, without further ado… […]

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Christy Cox Spencer packing JKS Incorporated influencer boxes.

Hot Take: Are Influencer Boxes the Next Best Thing In Experiential Marketing?

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” This time last year, we shifted our attention to creating sneeze guards and social distancing signage as we watched nearly all of the events we were helping facilitate get rescheduled or drop off our calendar completely. And while there’s no denying that the face of experiential […]

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Christy Cox Spencer and her mother-in-law, Ann Lanier Spencer.

I’m Celebrating Ann this Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, Mary Elizabeth, Kelly, and Rachel have all shared photos and stories on our social media pages about the most influential women in their lives. From the artist Artemisia Gentileschi to a true equal rights crusader like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there are so many women that I have admired or […]

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