“Wrapping Up” With The Winston-Salem Police Department

Over the past few months, we’ve had the opportunity to work with the Winston-Salem Police Department (WSPD) to outfit 50 2021 Ford Police Interceptors with newly designed vinyl wraps.

Toward the end of last year, Chief of Police Catrina Thompson and Corporal Matt Tuttle approached us with a list of ideas they had for their new fleet—which included patrol cars and vehicles for their park rangers and K-9 officers. After cycling through a handful of iterations, we all landed on a layout that incorporated Winston-Salem’s skyline and paid tribute to some of WSPD’s older car wraps.



One by one, the Police Interceptors made their way to our production space on Liberty St. in downtown Winston-Salem to meet with our Creative Services production manager, Shane Frye. Once each vehicle had be thoroughly washed and dried, Shane and his team carefully installed the graphics we had printed, cut, and weeded in-house.

Having just finished the last few cars in the queue, we’re excited to be “wrapping up” this project. Collaborating with WSPD is a continued pleasure—they always know what they want, it’s just up to us to deliver!