The Welcome Family Unit: How JKS Helped Think-PLC Manufacture a Dynamic Fold Positioner

While we returned our graphics department back to Liberty Street in Winston-Salem earlier this year, our large-scale fabrication remains just a short drive down southbound HWY 52 in Welcome, North Carolina.

Not long after our move, Think-PLC, an automation consulting business for high-value control systems, was one of two companies to set up shop in a portion of our former headquarters (just a few steps away from our fab shop). Not only have we enjoyed working next door to the folks at Think-PLC, but we have also had a unique opportunity to collaborate with them on a number of projects.

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There’s a Sneeze Guard for Every Space

While social distancing continues to be the best tool we have in fighting the spread of coronavirus, many organizations are not able to effectively keep people six feet away from one another simply due to the nature of their business. 

This is where sneeze guards come into play. 

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Hot Take: How BizBox Could Contribute to the Future of Retail

As we continue to find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic, I can’t help but wonder how retail and customer-facing businesses will approach consumer experiences differently moving forward. 

What will happen to large retail spaces like shopping malls and department stores, and how will mom-and-pop shops that rely on physical spaces sustain themselves amidst continued social distancing concerns? Continue reading


JKS Is Expanding Its Fabrication Department

JKS Incorporated is growing! 

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our fabrication department. This is all made possible by the addition of a new member to our JKS family… and a new Omax waterjet. 

Michael Tennyson, who joins us as our new Director of Fabrication, has been welding and fabricating professionally for more than 25 years. He previously worked at Richard Childress Racing where he served as the Director of Fabrication and oversaw all of RCR’s fabrication operations, including the building of suspension components and chassis, body and paint work, and the final fabrication assembly of stock cars.  Continue reading


Vehicle Graphics and JKS Go Way Back

As the demand for delivery-based services continues to grow, as does the need for marketing signage that will effectively advertise your company and brand while you’re on the go.

That’s where JKS Incorporated comes in. Founded in 1983, we got our start in spot graphics and vehicle wraps—it’s in our DNA.

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Meet Adam – Creator, Doer, Racing Fan

My path to working at JKS Incorporated was a bit unconventional.

I grew up about five minutes down the road from the current office and production space. When I was younger, I was immersed in the world of professional car racing and NASCAR—due in part to my grandparents who loved spending time at the track and even used to score race times before electronic scorecards were a thing. The fondness for this sport that I grew to share with my grandparents is one of the reasons that I applied for a part-time job at the Winston Cup Museum a little over a year after I graduated from college. Continue reading


Meet the Guy with the Sketchbook – Jake Tennyson

I’m new here—well, sort of.  

I started doing freelance design work for JKS Incorporated in mid-October of 2019. After a few months of learning the ropes, I joined the Creative Services team full-time as a Brand Experience Designer at the beginning of January. 

In short, it is my job to make any kind of space (like a trade show exhibit, a display, or interior area) feel like it is a cohesive part of our client’s brand. This process can include creating 2D materials like posters and other forms of signage, designing interactive games and props, and configuring architectural plans.  Continue reading


JKS Is Returning To Its Roots

JKS is preparing for a move back to Winston-Salem in the coming months in order to fuel the company’s innovative spirit as it continues to evolve its capabilities in building brands through experiential marketing. It’s a move that Will and I are excited about for our company, our team and our creativity.

The move to Industry Hill on the northern edge of Downtown Winston-Salem brings the company full circle. JKS started here and the Spencer family has owned property along Liberty Street for generations. In fact, for years JKS was one of the few businesses in that area of the city, putting us at the very forefront of Downtown’s revitalization. As people have heard me say, “Will and JKS were downtown before it was cool to be downtown.” For Will, the connection to this part of downtown is deeply personal.

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