Christy Cox Spencer and her mother-in-law, Ann Lanier Spencer.

I’m Celebrating Ann this Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, Mary Elizabeth, Kelly, and Rachel have all shared photos and stories on our social media pages about the most influential women in their lives. From the artist Artemisia Gentileschi to a true equal rights crusader like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there are so many women that I have admired or […]

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Meet the Guy with the Sketchbook – Jake Tennyson

I’m new here—well, sort of.   I started doing freelance design work for JKS Incorporated in mid-October of 2019. After a few months of learning the ropes, I joined the Creative Services team full-time as a Brand Experience Designer at the beginning of January.  In short, it is my job to make any kind of space […]

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