I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For A Big Screen

Let’s say you’re at an event. When you look out over the crowd, what are you likely to see? A lot of people these days ignore their surroundings, looking down at the little screens they have in their hands instead. One of the big challenges we face is creating experiences that are fun and interesting enough to tear people away from their devices, and we’ve found that one great way to do that is with a bigger screen!

Of course, most everyone has a big screen at home, so if you want to get the attention of folks at an event, you need to go ultra-big. That’s what makes our two Vision Jumbo-Tron Trailers among the most amazing pieces of equipment we have – they have video screens that are 18’ high (or as tall as a giraffe) x 32’4” wide (or as long as a killer whale). So, it’s the size of a giraffe times the size of a killer whale – now that’s a big screen.

And here’s another amazing comparison: Our Vision Jumbo-Tron Trailer screen is a little over 576 square feet. Meanwhile, the average size of a studio apartment in Manhattan is only 550 square feet!

JKS' vision jumbo-tron trailer for events

But the Vision Jumbo-Tron Trailer has more than just a big screen. It’s also a premier corporate entertaining venue, with a comfortable lounge area and a deck on top. For 12 years, one of our Vision Jumbo-Tron Trailers was branded by Sprint and used by the company to entertain executives, celebrities, and even US Presidents at NASCAR races across the country (serving as a rolling billboard as it went from track to track).

Most recently, we took a Vision Jumbo-Tron Trailer to downtown Winston-Salem for the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic, one of the country’s most-prestigious professional cycling events. Positioned right beside the course, the HD video screen was used to broadcast a live feed of the race along with messages from the race sponsors.

The lounge was also put to use as a staging area for bands playing at the Gears And Guitars Music Festival, held the same weekend as the race. Blues Traveler (probably best known for their catchy Top 20 hit “Run-Around”) even used the trailer for a pre-show warm-up session.

The great thing about the Vision Jumbo-Tron Trailer is that it creates its own experience. Because people have this ginormous screen to watch, you can create an entertainment space around the trailer where people can mingle, sit, eat, or do whatever. All you need is something to put on screen, and with our technology that can be almost anything, from live events anywhere in the country (or the world) to videos that we can help you create!

So, if you have something you’d like to see on the big screen (or, more accurately, the biggest screen), our Vision Jumbo-Tron Trailer is what you need. Here’s a short video that tells you more about it:

And you can see more photos here.