Display, Marketing and LED Trailers

Our  “Vision” Trailers are perfect for any outdoor event. They feature huge screens that allow you to add spectacular high resolution video to your display or presentation, even in direct sunlight. We have two Vision Trailers available, each with incredible amenities: an executive lounge, production/control room, restroom and two viewing decks. And of course our Vision Trailer can be branded with your company’s name and messaging.

We also have Display and Mobile Office trailers which can provide logistical support for your experiential marketing events and corporate entertaining, or to support mobile disaster relief efforts. They feature an executive lounge/office, conference room, restroom, and staging area, and come with a small kitchen and storage area.

The capabilities of the Vision Trailer include:

  • Static graphics
  • AVI video clips
  • DVD playback
  • Composite video feed
  • HDMI video feed
  • SD/SDI video feed
  • DVI/VGA video feed
  • Record and playback
  • Playback in schedule
  • Top ad panel

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