Christy Cox Spencer packing JKS Incorporated influencer boxes.

Hot Take: Are Influencer Boxes the Next Best Thing In Experiential Marketing?

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

This time last year, we shifted our attention to creating sneeze guards and social distancing signage as we watched nearly all of the events we were helping facilitate get rescheduled or drop off our calendar completely.

And while there’s no denying that the face of experiential marketing has changed for good thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still ways to give your clients a top-notch brand experience they are sure to love.

Enter the influencer box.

The Home Depot influencer box.


What Exactly Is an Influencer Box?

As social media stardom became a valid career choice for influencers (i.e. someone with a social following large enough to affect buyer habits or quantifiable actions), influencer boxes became a go-to marketing tool.

Traditionally, brands fill a customized box with their product(s) and ship them off to social media connoisseurs. Upon arrival, influencers will typically “unbox” their new goodies on a social media platform and effectively market the product(s) to their following in a way that generally feels more organic than a traditional ad.

While this is still a perfectly good use of influencer boxes (just look at how popular the Influenster Box has become), we don’t think these branded packages should be limited to PR or product releases.


It’s Time to Think Inside the Box

Instead of just waiting around until we can throw away our face masks, forget about social distancing, and return to hosting in-person events, why not just bring your event straight to your client’s front door?

Influencer boxes not only remind your client of what your brand is and does, but they are also the perfect vehicle for giving your clients a branded experience and reminding them how important they are to you.

Just take the boxes we helped Octagon facilitate for The Home Depot.

The Home Depot influencer box.

As proud supporters of Major League Soccer (MLS), The Home Depot wanted to provide a memorable experience for fans that had to resort to cheering their team on from their couches due to COVID-19. These boxes brought gameday into fans’ living rooms by including items like an MLS hat, blanket, and soccer ball while also promoting The Home Depot’s Pro Xtra loyalty program.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone.


Does It End Here?


Because influencer boxes are 100% customizable—from the box itself to the items inside—their uses are all but limitless.

As this prolonged period of work-from-home continues, our president, Christy Cox Spencer, encourages you to think about gifting your employees with their own influencer boxes.

“Because of the pandemic, we have all lost some sense of community—whether it’s with our clients or employees,” said Christy. “Influencer boxes are a great way to bring your staff together as a team. For example, sending out boxes to people working remotely and opening them together on a Zoom call can be a fun way to keep your employees engaged and feeling appreciated.”

Whether you want to create a custom influencer box to promote your brand, bring an “event” to your client inside the comfort and safety of their home, or celebrate your employees, we’re here to help you produce, assemble, and ship your one-of-a-kind boxes.

Christy Cox Spencer packing JKS Incorporated influencer boxes.