Twelve of Winston-Salem’s Bus Shelters Just Got a Little Brighter

Another awesome project and install in the books! 

Last year, the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Public Art Commission reached out to us to ask if we’d be able to help produce and install the vinyl panels for their new Artistic Bus Shelter Program—we couldn’t say no.

With the goal of improving the experience of Winston-Salem’s transit system in mind, the Commission called upon a dozen different local artists to create engaging art pieces that would be displayed on 12 different bus stop shelters around the city. 

In addition to promoting the work of Winston-Salem artists, each piece also pays tribute to the city by “illuminat[ing] the perspectives, relationships, and narratives of our community.” Some of the art pieces feature local celebrities like Earl “the Pearl” Monroe and Maya Angelou, while others have colorful compositions or showcase flora and fauna that are native to North Carolina. 

Each of the art panels were printed on perforated window film that allows for some transparency in and out of the shelter and finished with an anti-graffiti lament. We also produced smaller 11” x 17” vinyl “plaques” to hang in each shelter that detail information about the artists and their inspirations. 

Over the past two weekends, our team installed the panels at each of the 12 bus stops. They’d start by giving the shelter’s glass a good scrub down and then carefully apply the panels with steady hands and a squeegee (to help with those pesky air bubbles). 

We loved having the opportunity to play a role in this project and we think that each of these art pieces adds so much to Winston-Salem’s transit system. Not only do they make the bus shelters more inviting, but it’s also a fun way to get people excited about our city’s history and culture.