Our Crew Can Build Anything (Seriously)

The guys in our shop amaze me on a daily basis. They can literally build anything. Case in point – a doghouse from the future.

Here’s the backstory: I heard about a fundraiser called Raise The Woof to help meet the needs of animals in our community. The idea was that people and businesses would build unique and unusual doghouses that would then be auctioned off, with the money going to support groups like the Davidson County Animal Alliance, High Point Canine Solutions, and other local charities. Now as you know from a previous blog, dogs are near and dear to my heart, so I thought JKS should be represented with a doghouse.

The Jetsons Dog HouseBut what kind? Well, I remembered an episode of the TV show The Jetsons with a very futuristic doghouse, so I went online and found an image of it:

(If you’re thinking the Jetson’s dog was named Astro, you’re right, but in this episode a millionaire tries to take Astro away from the Jetsons, claiming that Astro is really his dog and that his name is Tralfaz. That’s why he has such a fancy doghouse.)

I took this image to the guys in our shop and said, “Hey, can you build this for me?” Of course, they said yes, because they can build anything.

Now keep this in mind: they have no plans, no blueprints, no schematic with dimensions of any kind. All they had to work with is a scene from a TV cartoon. But that didn’t matter. Our crew is smart, talented, creative, and ready for any challenge. They are artisans, craftsmen and engineers. They figured out how to do it, and they did it, just like we do for our clients every day.

Here’s what the completed doghouse looks like:

JKS build futuristic dog house for fundraiser

Isn’t that amazing? The judges at Raise The Woof thought so – out of 61 entries, our Jetsons doghouse was voted Most Unique! Here’s a photo of Will and me at the event, held at High Point University, holding our award:

JKS build futuristic dog house for fundraiser

And of course, Will bought the doghouse back at the auction, so we can put it proudly on display here at our headquarters.

If you’re curious how our genius crew managed to create this incredible doghouse, here’s a short video on our Facebook page that shows the process: https://www.facebook.com/jksincorporated/videos/1770188193026389/