If You Are Going To Do It, Do It Right

When the 2018 NASCAR season kicks off at Daytona on February 18, some of our work will once again be on hand. As we’ve done for the last 15 years, we’ve painted the car hauler for the Wood Brothers Racing team, which this year is fielding the Menards #21 Ford Fusion driven by Paul Menard. Since this is Menards and Paul Menard’s first year with the Wood Brother’s team, the trailer had to be completely redone. As you can see, the results are eye-catching.

The yellow is so bright because we actually painted the truck, then applied vinyl graphics over the paint. A lot of teams just wrap their trailers these days, and we have that capability, but paint produces brighter, more vibrant colors, so we recommend it when a client really wants a vehicle to stand out.

JKS has been painting trailers and show cars since 1986, and not a year has gone by that one or more NASCAR teams (like Hendrick Motorsports or Richard Childress Racing) hasn’t been a client. People like Glen Wood, owner of the Wood Brothers Racing team and a NASCAR legend and Hall of Famer who’s been around the sport since 1950, come to us year after year because they trust us to do the best job possible.

What inspires that level of customer loyalty? An insistence on quality. As Will often says, “We’re either going to do it right, or we’re not going to do it.” What does that mean in real terms? Well, in the case of painting a car hauler, it means inspecting the whole vehicle and repairing any body damage before we ever start painting. We won’t paint over dents because eventually there will be rust coming through the paint, and that will reflect badly on both us and our client. Doing it right also means taking off all the parts that won’t be painted, instead of just covering them up. It’s more labor intensive and time consuming, but the end result looks better, and that’s our primary concern.

An important lesson for any business to learn is that customer loyalty is like respect – it’s earned, not given, by doing the best job possible, again and again. It is a simple idea, and we are proud that clients like the Wood Brothers keep coming back.