It’s The Little Things That Matter Most

Back in the 80s, just after Will had started JKS, a good friend of his named Denny Hauser, who owned the very successful Hauser Rental Company, told Will something he’s never forgotten: “Will, it’s not the big customers that make you, it’s the little ones that keep you in business. They’re the core of your business, and the big customer, when you have one, is the gravy.”

These days we work with a lot of large national and even international firms doing projects that involve massive production and logistics. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still take on the small jobs when they come along. Just recently we did a single sign for a new restaurant here in Welcome called Gregg’s Kitchen. We designed, produced, and even installed it.

That’s part of the total service we provide, even for the smallest jobs. Because to us, there are no small jobs. A one-off business sign or a banner gets as much attention as the largest installation at a NASCAR track, because every job we do represents us. We want it to display our creativity, our commitment to quality, and our desire to be the best.

Even when Sprint was the primary NASCAR sponsor and we were working with them to produce huge displays and events at tracks across the country, we were still wrapping Sheriff’s cars for Forsyth County and creating door decals for the Welcome Fire Department.

It’s true we don’t always make a lot of money on jobs like that, but those jobs keep you busy and they create goodwill. (Sometimes we don’t make any money on them – every year we donate banners for the Forsyth Humane Society’s annual Mutt Strut fundraiser because the Humane Society is a cause that’s near and dear to my heart).

We love working with local businesses like Gregg’s Kitchen, or local organizations like the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office because they’re a part of our community. And let’s face it – the Forsyth County Sheriff’s office is still around, while Sprint is now out of NASCAR. Which is another reason to love small clients – they’re often long-term customers, coming back year after year with new projects.

Of course, because we’re bigger and focused on quality, our turnaround time may not always work for the smaller client. If someone needs a banner in a day, we tell them quite honestly that they should go someplace like Fast Signs. But if they want someone to design the artwork and put some thought and time into its creation, and they can wait a few days, we’re the right choice.

Bottom line – don’t ever get too big that you don’t do business with smaller clients. They’re often the ones you can count on to be your most reliable.