Show And Sell: Customers Want To See What They’re Getting

Racing Electronics is known as the leader in communication systems for the racing industry, with products used by both race teams and fans. They’re also a long-time client of JKS, and recently asked us to help them introduce a new product to race fans called the Legend. The Legend combines two of RE’s most popular technologies – the FanVision handheld video receiver and the RE 3000 audio scanner – into one device, allowing fans at the race to watch broadcast video and in-car camera feeds, hear in-car audio communications, and see live statistics.

However, the Legend is new, and any time you have something new, people want to see it for themselves before they buy it. To give fans a chance to do that at the race track, RE wanted us to design a new mobile exhibit that would become the flagship store of the Legend – a place where fans could see it, try it out and buy it right there at the track.

We talked it over and suggested that RE use a BizBox to create their mobile store. BizBox ( creates unique trailers that we’re able to transform into distinctive mobile marketing exhibits. A BizBox has a fully aluminum body, a quick set-up, and the beauty of a modern building, which sets it apart from other mobile marketing products out there. As an official BizBox dealer, we knew we could create a BizBox for Racing Electronics that would really stand out.

Just as RE’s customers want to see the Legend before they buy it, we knew Racing Electronics would want to see what their BizBox store would look like before they signed off on it. As we do with all our clients, we sat down and drew out a design that would be both attractive and effective in bringing in customers. Once we worked out the small details with Racing Electronics, we set out to design a 3D model and layout of the inside and outside of their BizBox. Throughout the design process, we made sure everything properly suited the RE brand and represented their flagship store in a pleasing way for their customers. After creating and getting approval on multiple renderings of the BizBox set up, we went to work on bringing the 3D images to life. Here’s the whole process in just a minute and a half:


On the inside of the BizBox, we built and installed cabinets to display their new Legend device, along with three wall-mounted televisions. On the outside of the BizBox, we created a custom prop of the Legend device with an additional television inside to resemble the product’s screen.


All of these devices and display pieces, along with custom designed graphics to wrap the entire BizBox from the inside out, were done per Racing Electronics’ needs to create their perfect flagship store.

experiential marketing exhibit

Along with providing all of the graphics and installing everything on the inside of the BizBox, JKS is also handling all of the logistics for Racing Electronics. We make sure the BizBox gets to the right location, is set-up properly, and is all packed up once the event is over.

Now RE has the perfect place to introduce the Legend to race fans, and it’s exactly what we promised them. That’s how you keep customers – figure out what they need, show them what they’re going to get, and then give them what you promise. Show and sell – that’s what we’ve been doing for 34 years, and it’s worked pretty well for us!