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Mary Elizabeth Ferguson

Kelly McHone

Brandon Hedrick

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Promotions Services

A promotional plan can have a wide range of objectives including: increasing sales, new product marketing, creation of brand equity, positioning, competitive retaliations, or creation of a corporate image.

Whether you are planning a small promotion or organizing a nationwide effort, JKS can facilitate your needs with promotional interactive products that will meet your marketing objectives.

Authentic Show Car Programs
Accurate to today's NASCAR standard Gen 6 Cars

Watch people line up to take a spin in our simulators


Show Car Programs

JKS Incorporated has over 32 years of experience with show cars and event marketing. We offer NASCAR show car programs that can be setup to travel across the US and Canada for scheduled events.  Our internal scheduling and logistics team are available to discuss your needs and help setup a complete season schedule.

Contact our Promotions Department personnel to discuss your showcar needs or email.

Interactive Games
Drive traffic to your event with an interactive game


Promotions Gallery

Sampling Booths
Promote your product with a sampling booth

Exhibits / Displays
Convey your marketing message with an exhibit or display

Customize Programs
Let us help you design your promotional programs

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